Monday, December 29, 2014

Mabel's Classroom

I, Mrs. Linsey Abel (aka Mabel), am an Algebra 1 and AP Calculus teacher in Wisconsin.  I have been told multiple times that my room looks like an English classroom!?!  (That's a compliment, right?)  Here are some pictures to give you a taste of what my classroom looks like.

I am one of a handful of teachers at my school that is fortunate enough to have tables in my classroom!  I love my tables because it makes putting my students into cooperative learning groups super easy.

I have math posters all over my room.  Some have math jokes on them and others have math properties and theorems!  The posters add a lot of color and personality to what could be a very bland room.

I have a board with file folders for each day of the week right inside my classroom door.  This is where I put worksheets and/or notes that we did each day so that students have easy access to them if they were absent.  This helps me stay organized and it puts the responsibility of making up missing work back on my students!

I have been told that my room is inviting and cozy, so I guess being compared to an English teacher isn't a bad thing!