Saturday, January 24, 2015

The What Did I Miss? Bulletin Board

After my first year of teaching, during which I spent endless amounts of energy and time digging through file folders of worksheets to find missing work for students, I knew I needed a better system.  I was looking for a system that kept me organized and made it easy for my students to find their missing work, on their own, freeing me up to spend more time planning good lessons!
The end result was my What Did I Miss? bulletin board.  I staple five file folders to the bulletin board and label them with each day of the week.  I put copies of the notes/work for the day in the folder so that students who were absent can gather their missing work when they return.  I put it right by the door so they don't forget and the pretty colors make it hard to miss!  As a high school teacher, I love that this puts the responsibility back on my students to learn what they missed and to come get help with it if they need it.  I am sure there are many other ways that this can be used besides as a missing work bulletin board.

I have found this bulletin board to be so helpful and I hope you do too!  If you are interested in purchasing this bulletin board template, please head to  my What Did I Miss? bulletin board..  Enjoy!