Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Polynomials and Factoring Task Cards

It's been too long since I have had a chance to post.  We welcomed the addition of our little man into our family on January 17th and life has been crazy busy ever since! :-)

My latest teaching activity is Polynomials and Factoring Task Cards.  I made it a review activity for my students for their last test.  I gave them one class period to work on it before their test.  They liked that they had a lot of room to work out the problems.  I also provided the answer sheet at the end of the class period for those students that wanted to use it to check their work.  I designed the answer sheet in the same format as the answer key so that my students could quickly and easily check their answers.  They didn't like the idea of writing their answers twice but once they saw the benefit of filling in the answer sheet many of them were happy to do it.  As a result of the activity, they knew exactly what to expect on the test - no surprises!

I have found task cards to be a very helpful and effective practice when it comes to reviews for the test!  I plan to continue creating and using them for the other topics we learn in Algebra so you can be expecting more new task cards on TpT.