Saturday, November 14, 2015

Graphing Calculators

My school just made a very large order of new graphing calculators for our math department and I couldn't be more excited!  Graphs are a huge part of understanding mathematics and I feel the importance of recognizing the multiple representations of a function (graph, table, equation, function values) is often overlooked as we work so hard to make sure that our students get all of the content they need in order to go on to the next math class.

That said, I have made it my own personal goal to use and make activities for my classroom that require students to represent functions in more than one way so that they are constantly reminded of the fact that it is all connected.  Some of these activities will be for students to work out by hand (no calculator) and others will include calculator use.  I have a lot of ideas and I am looking forward to putting them down on paper!

I can't wait to have my Algebra 1 students graph a line on the calculator, although I am sure a few of them will be mad that they have been graphing by hand this entire time while there has been a calculator that could do it for them :-)

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