Thursday, November 26, 2015

Matching Activites

I have gotten addicted to matching activities in Algebra 1 class recently!  I like them for so many reasons.

They are a great way to change up how students practice their new skills, it is hands on for kinesthetic learners, and it makes students think about it differently than if they were doing practice problems out of the book.  Standardized tests often require students to pick answers from multiple choice options which is comparable to what they do to complete matching activities.  I make sure to include answers that make it impossible for students to just look at an answer and match correctly.  They have to do some work to get the right answer.

Each matching activity has students put together three different cards that all relate to the same equation or situation.  This helps students to recognize and understand that there are many different representations of the same equation/situation in mathematics (graphs, tables, equations, etc.).

I have one pair of students in class that doesn't like cutting them all out and pasting them to the paper so they asked if they could just write each card on the answer sheet.  I gladly let them do this - this activity allows for flexibility and options which are always good for the students!

So far I have made and used Absolute Value Inequalities Matching and Stem-and-Leaf Plot Matching in my Algebra 1 class.  Slope-Intercept Form Matching and Systems of Equations Matching are currently in the making, all will be posted on with more to come!  

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